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Dish from black pots


Chanfana is well-loved in the Beira Litoral part of central Portugal, traditionally cooked in black earthenware pots.

It originates from times when many people kept goats for their milk and kid meat. Once a goat stopped being useful and became another mouth to feed, it was destined for the pot. By that point, it really would be a tough old goat. The best way of tenderizing the meat and making it palatable was by slow-cooking it in red wine with a few herbs and spices. The resulting dish turned out to be so tasty that it’s now a regional delicacy. The ingredients are simple: goat meat, good quality red wine, garlic, bay leaves, paprika, lard, parsley, salt, chili and olive oil.

Next time you’re in the mood for stew, try this dish instead of standard beef stew.